Dragon Ball Super Episode 14 Dubbed – Goku ultimately loses the fight, but Beerus falls asleep before he can destroy Earth. He and Whis depart from Earth, and Gohan tells his dad the news of him becoming a father.

eerus! The God of Destruction finally emerges victorious, having beat Goku down repeatedly. However, Goku sure went down hard, finding another one of his legendary second winds and coming back with renewed vigour. Eventually though, he just runs out of steam and can’t take the punishment anymore, falling toward Earth (oddly, throughout this battle Goku has seemingly been able to breathe and even speak whilst under water as well as in space).

When Goku does come back down to Earth, both literally and figuratively, it is Vegeta who catches him. This moment is quite amusing for two reasons. The first is that, in order to catch the plummeting Goku, Vegeta yells at Goten and Trunks to get out of his way. They flee in terror, no doubt remembering the battering he gave them during the Majin Buu saga – a nice little nod for long term Dragon Ball Z fans. Secondly, after Vegeta catches Goku before he literally hits the deck, we have Goku saying, “Thanks Vegeta”. This is met with the curt response of “Shut up”. Good old Vegeta, even when he’s being nice he still manages to act like a complete asshole. That’s why the fans love him so much.

On the topic of Vegeta, soon after he saves Goku there is a very stange moment where the camera just focuses on his crotch. It is really weird and no explanation is offered as to why it happened. It’s probably going to have to end up being one of those moments which DBZ fans simply file under “Yeah, well Dragon Ball is pretty weird” before moving on (Personally, when pressed by non DBZ fans about such in-show strangeness, I usually just yell, “Because Japan!” – that usually makes them back off).