Dragon Ball Super Episode 91 shows Universe 7 in immediate trouble of losing one member for the tournament of power. With only four and a half hours left before the Tournament of Power begins, The Universe 7 team faces an issue on the upcoming episode of Dragon Ball Super.

The Majin Buu Problem

Dragon Ball Super Episode 90 shows father and son, Goku and Gohan, battling it out in an all-out battle for power. And even though Goku eventually won over his son in Super Saiyan Blue form, he has also gained much respect for Gohan who has gained enough strength once again, which is enough for him to name Gohan the captain of the Universe 7 Tournament Team. What strategies will Gohan come up with in order to bring his team to victory and save Universe 7 utter destruction?

The preview for Dragon Ball Super Episode 91 also presents a problem that’s about to happen to Majin Buu. Judging by Goku’s facial expression, it does not look very good! Is it possible that Whis be can do something to remedy this situation? We have seen Whis correct immediate problems as he previously did with Bulma’s pregnancy. will Universe 7 have to find a new fighter in place for Buu? With Majin Buu being as strong as he is, and especially after all of his training, he is a key player in the universe 7 team and he will not be so easily replaced. You can find out the answers and see all of the action on Dragon Ball Super Episode 91.